A Tale Of Ten Pins

Running a bowling alley is like running any kind of complex operation.

Everything is humming along well, until suddenly, it stops. Somebody throws a wrench in the process, or, seemingly without any human intervention, some unseen obstacle presents itself…what are we talking about? Well…

A few weeks ago, Sam was behind the counter and everything was going well, until the folks down on the end reported a strange problem – on a pin reset, it seemed the machine was only spitting out nine pens instead of ten. The pin on the corner was just gone.

We had one of the maintenance guys go over the pin setter and determine that everything was working correctly. We replaced the pin, and reset the machine.

An hour later, another group is using the same lane, the lane on the end, and they come back telling us that the same and pin is missing again.

This time Sam and the maintenance guy go into all of the spaces in and around the pin setter (a quite technical installation) to look for a missing pin, and find nothing but empty space.

It was starting to get eerie.

But then there was the logistical concern – what do you do in a situation like that?

What we did first was tie off the lane and put it out of commission.

In the end, we ended up getting a national firm to come in and replace the entire pin setter structure, and basically refurbish the entire lane until it was working correctly again.

Every time we look down that way now, we cross our fingers.

Sometimes there’s no easy immediate solution to a problem, but that doesn’t mean you give up!

We could have just left that end lane out of commission for weeks or even months.

But excellence is important in any job, in any business, and a bowling alley is no exception.

You’ll find that same level of care and excellence in everything that we offer – in our snack bar, our escape room and other neat amenities for visitors.

Our philosophy is if you can’t do something well, don’t do it at all.

Sadly, that’s not the mantra of a lot of local businesses that tend to cut corners or do things poorly.

But when you come here, you can expect a standard of service and operational integrity. Come to Twisted Pin for a good time! We are ready to accommodate your group, for bowling, for an event, and for other good fun. 



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