Birthday Party Ideas That Take The Cake

Birthday parties can be pretty overwhelming to plan. Many parents and caregivers work tirelessly to ensure their child has the perfect day. We all have the one birthday party that stands out to us from when we were younger, and we want to provide that same feeling of joy for our kids. Luckily, the modern era offers many excellent birthday party options. If you’re struggling to decide on a birthday party idea for your child, look at our top 3 kid-tested and parent-approved suggestions. 


Arcades Provide Entertainment

If your child is old enough to walk and talk, they’d probably love a birthday party at an arcade. When you’re a kid, an arcade is a fantastic place with flashing lights, intriguing games, and extravagant prizes. Arcades are always fascinating for kids, as it’s something out of the ordinary and offers fun video games that can be played with friends. 


Throwing a party for your child at an arcade will take the pressure of entertaining the party goers as the fun takes care of itself. Arcades are easy to come by these days, and many offer very affordable birthday packages.


Escape Rooms Offer Problem-Solving Fun

Another excellent idea for a birthday party best suited for kids in middle school and up is an Escape room. Escape rooms are a recent phenomenon, popping up everywhere across the United States. Escape rooms are puzzle-based attractions where participants are placed inside a room with one objective, to escape. 


To escape, players must solve numerous theme-oriented puzzles in a designated amount of time to win. There are many different kinds of escape rooms with different difficulty levels and varying themes appropriate for a broad audience. Consider an escape room if you want to give your kid a memorable birthday experience.


Bowling Alleys Provide Nostalgic Interactive Fun

Lastly, as a birthday idea for older kids, is a bowling party. Bowling is a time-tested and kid-approved sport; it’s been around for hundreds of years! Everyone loves bowling, and anyone can do it! Bowling encourages participants to engage with each other, which gets a party off the ground. 


Bowling alleys have always made great places to host birthday parties, as they offer a unique activity in a fun-oriented environment. Luckily, if you are considering any of these party ideas, you can find a place home to all three. Twisted Pin is a kids paradise, offering anything from bowling to escape rooms! If you want a perfect party for your child, consider rolling all three activities into one wonderful birthday!

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