Easy Bowling Tips for Seniors

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Is there an age limit for going to the bowling alley? Bowling is an entertaining activity for millions of people, especially senior citizens. Bowling is also considered an excellent form of exercise for older adults. While performing this low-impact activity, seniors can gain so many positive health benefits. Bowling can help seniors maintain their weight, stimulate mental alertness, improve flexibility and balance, and strengthen muscles. 


There are tips that you can follow when you’re planning to provide seniors in your family with a fun night at the bowling alley. Follow these ideas to make a senior get a great experience from this sport.


Warm Up


It is essential and beneficial for seniors to warm up before a bowling session. Before bowling, a senior can warm up for about ten to twenty minutes before playing a game. Since bowling requires the use of different parts of the body, warming up is critical. Warming up helps to prevent injuries by loosening and stretching the muscles and increasing blood and oxygen to the muscles that are going to be used.


Bowling Shoes


Bowling shoes are a critical aspect of playing a bowling game. Wearing the wrong bowling shoes can cause bowler injuries, create an imbalance while bowling, and hurt a bowler’s feet. A good pair of bowling shoes is key to helping a bowler get the most from bowling. Consider choosing bowling shoes that are designed to fit the needs of bowlers. For example, bowling shoes should have a good fit, be made with the right insoles and support, be stylish, and provide lots of comfort.


Bowling Balls


Consider the limitations of a senior that you want to take bowling. Seniors should use the right bowling balls that they can manage. It is known that seniors with physical ailments such as arthritic fingers or shoulders should be careful to select the proper bowling balls. So, you must invest in a quality bowling ball that is aligned with the needs of your loved one.


Proper Support


Seniors should be aware of wearing the right support before a bowling game. This is an important rule, especially for seniors that may have a pre-existing injury. Bowlers are known for wearing wrist guards, knee supports, compression sleeves, and other types of protection that can help to prevent injuries. 


Key Takeaway


There’s no need for seniors to stay all day at home and be inactive. Fortunately, they have the option to participate in all types of activities that will keep them occupied for hours on end. 


Bowling is an idea that you can introduce to seniors in your family. It’s never too late for a senior to take up a bowling ball to engage in a game that provides high levels of fun. Besides having tons of social interactions, seniors can gain so many positive benefits from bowling with their loved ones. Regardless of their skill level, seniors have the chance to enjoy the years of their lives doing something they love.

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