Five Foods For a Kickin-Butt Super Bowl Party

Where are you going to spend your night enjoying the championship?

NFL fans can file into Twisted Pin and enjoy the game in a warm and relaxed setting, with some very tasty plates – not to mention a spot in one of the most interesting bowling “halls” around. 

Here are five of these savories that we recommend from our snack shop.

Nachos – grab and gab with these artfully crafted nacho chip dishes. All of the classic ingredients are there, and as you cheer for your side, you’ll enjoy the crackling crunch of an easy to devour snack.

Mini corndogs – it’s also very satisfying to bite into a juicy bit of meat wrapped in corndog batter, and although some jokers might say these look like little fingers (come on, Steve!), they’re a very popular part of our menu!

Beer battered onion rings – as you down these delicacies, you can pretend that the onion ring is like the championship ring that the victor will be wearing after the big night. Or you can just douse them in an appropriate sauce and send them down the hatch.

Cheese bread – this is one of our best sellers with garlic and Wisconsin cheese notes and a side dish of marinara. Again, it’s easy to integrate into a game watching environment, unlike a salad or plate of spaghetti.

Potato Skins – enjoy the potato skins with the bacon and mozzarella provolone mix. We do!

When you think about it our menu kind of reflects the cultural tastes that you’d expect when you’re watching the big game. As lampooned on many insurance commercials and ads for detergent, you’re not likely to be trying to bake muffins while you’re watching or spearing arugula with a tiny salad knife. That’s not to say that any food doesn’t have a place in the football Pantheon – but you know, there’s just something about chowing down on this stuff that’s super-fun!

Don’t forget to wear your jersey, and root for your team, Whether they hail from eastern seaboard locations like much of the NFC division or West Coast megacities or somewhere in between. Just remember no fighting lanes

The Super Bowl is a big deal around here and people like to watch it in our space.

Our Super Bowl and other annual parties are legendary events, so check on availability as soon as possible, because we do get filled up. See you there!

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