Knock Down Pins, Raise Funds – Host a Bowling Fundraiser with Twisted Pin

Get Your FUNdraisers on at Twisted Pin! Bowl, Play, and Raise Crucial Funds!

Have you ever looked around your school’s music department and realized you could use new instruments? Or how about finding a way to tip that campaign for a new town park into the black? 

At Twisted Pin, conveniently located in Plainfield, IL, we want to help organizations all over the greater Chicago area unlock the necessary funds for community-driven projects. By combining our modern and entertainment-rich facility with your school, business, or non-profit organization’s goals, we create a fantastic opportunity to fill in the missing financial gap toward success. 

This is why we are proud to announce our new FUNdraisers campaign. With this brand-new initiative, we are cultivating a fun, engaging, and financially rewarding way for groups of all sizes to raise funds more effectively. Whether you are representing a sports team, school organization, or local community effort, Twisted Pin is your go-to venue for unforgettable events that will boost your resources. 

Why Choose Twisted Pin for Your Fundraiser?

There is nothing like the classic appeal of bowling. It is a slice of nostalgic Americana wrapped in the modern and sleek facility of Twisted Pin. We have an entertainment-filled location with food, drinks, arcade games, and, of course, incredible bowling. 

When you sign up for the FUNdraisers initiative, you can share this wonderful experience with your most dedicated supporters. In return, you’ll receive: 

  • 50% Revenue Sharing: When participants arrive and say they are part of your fundraising event, we share 50% of all bowling and shoe revenue. The more people you bring to hit the lanes, the more funds you raise!
  • Customized Additional Opportunities: We also support organizations that bring their own raffle baskets to sell tickets or raffle off prizes throughout the evening. This provides you with an additional fundraising opportunity where you receive all the profits. 
  • Arcade Cards: As a bonus, we welcome you to take advantage of our numerous arcade games. We are happy to split the proceeds from our $10 arcade cards 50/50 when purchased as part of your fundraiser. 

As you can see, there are many ways to raise the much-needed funds your team, school group, organization, or other 501(c)(3) requires. 

FUNdraisers Event Details

Twisted Pin runs our weekly FUNdraisers every Thursday evening from 5 pm to 9 pm at our local Plainfield location. This is a fantastic window on a popular day of the week, perfect for gathering your supporters for an evening of fun in our traditional 17-lane area. 

We take reservations for our FUNdraisers on a first come, first served basis, and our calendar is already filling up due to the popular demand. If you are interested in signing up your organization, here is some insight into how building a successful fundraiser at Twisted Pin works: 

  • Choose Your Date: Consult your activity calendar and call our team to secure the perfect Thursday night for your upcoming fundraising event. 
  • Spread the Word: Be sure to market your FUNdraiser and inform your community to let our professional and helpful staff know they are part of the event so the funds can be appropriately set aside for your organization. 
  • Enjoy and Earn: Sit back, enjoy a drink, and watch as you fill your coffers while your target community has a wonderful evening of food and fun bowling at Twisted Pin!

Who Can Benefit from Twisted Pin FUNdraisers? 

We’ve designed our fundraisers to support local booster clubs, schools, and other charity and causes events. That includes working with organizations around Plainfield, Romeoville, Shorewood, Bolingbrook, Naperville, and more. 

Imagine the incredible power of finding the funds you need for a local high school field trip or non-profit hoping to make a dent in adult reading statistics. One night with Twisted Pin may be all it takes to reach your goals and celebrate your achievements together. 

The surrounding community will enjoy a great outing, and your club can raise substantial funds from bowling, shoe rentals, and arcade card purchases. We work with a wide range of groups like: 

  • Local 501(c)(3) organizations
  • School PTAs
  • Church groups
  • Animal rescue groups
  • Youth sports teams
  • Art foundations
  • Community service clubs
  • Environmental groups
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Veterans’ associations
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Public libraries
  • Dance troupes
  • Amateur theatres
  • Health awareness groups
  • Cultural associations
  • Women’s shelters
  • And more!

Success Planning Tips for Your Twisted Pin Fundraiser

At Twisted Pin, we want to see your FUNdraiser succeed as much as you do. Simply setting a date and hoping for the best will not do the trick. While we are happy to promote your event on social media, there are some key tips you should use to boost engagement for your upcoming fundraiser. 

  • Early Promotion: Start spreading the word about your event at least a month ahead of time. Use flyers, social media, and community bulletin boards to make your event stand out by emphasizing the fun environment and good cause. 
  • Engage Local Partners: You can partner with local businesses willing to donate raffle items, sponsor the event, or simply market to your supporters. 
  • Social Media: Hop on your TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X, and other social media accounts or local calendars to ensure everyone who follows you knows when to show up. 
  • Email Campaigns: Excellent free tools like MailChimp can help you build email campaigns to remind followers of updates, prize teasers, and a countdown to the big event. 
  • On-Site Engagement: Boost the fun of your upcoming FUNdraiser at Twisted Pin by making it a competition or having interactive activities. For example, award prizes to the top bowlers, make it a costume party, or even combine it with a photo contest on social media. 

About Twisted Pin

Ready to have some fun? Twisted Pin is your premier bowling alley serving Plainfield, Romeoville, Shorewood, Bolingbrook, and Naperville. This is a 17-lane modern facility with a full video wall and numerous entertainment features. 

In addition, we bring the fun of bowling night to all your senses with a highly immersive and diverse arcade experience, a 28-tap self-serve beer wall, and a full bar menu to satisfy even the biggest appetites. 

When you choose Twisted Pin as your fundraising partner, you get a hassle-free experience that allows your organization to gain financial resources and a night sure to boost good faith in your efforts. We have everything you need to build a successful fundraiser. Together, we can help build stronger community bonds and create new opportunities for many organizations. From schools to 501(c)(3) non-profits, Twisted Pin is here to help. 

Secure your spot on our upcoming FUNdraiser calendar today. Spots are limited, so be sure to contact our team as soon as you know the best fit Thursday night for your upcoming event. 

Twisted Pin FUNdraisers FAQs

What days are available for fundraising events? 
Twisted Pin currently hosts FUNdraisers from 5 pm to 9 pm on Thursday nights. 

How much can my organization make at a fundraiser? 
We share 50% of all regular bowling and shoe rental revenue with your organization. We also welcome you to host a raffle. Additionally, 50% of proceeds from $10 arcade cards bought for the fundraiser are also contributed.

Can we bring our own decorations and promotional materials? 
We are happy to accommodate the customizations you need to reflect your organization’s spirit. Please let us know well beforehand to ensure we are still providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our guests. 

Are food and beverages included in the FUNdraiser package? 
Food and beverages are available from our comprehensive menu and bar. These are outside the current FUNdraiser package. 

How do you handle ticket sales for the raffle? 
Organizations hosting a FUNdraiser at Twisted Pin are responsible for managing their own raffle ticket sales. You can sell tickets during the event and draw winners at your discretion, adhering to local regulations.

Schedule Your FUNdraiser Today!

Ready to roll some fun into your local fundraising efforts? Contact our team at Twisted Pin today and schedule your upcoming event. Let’s strike up some support for a great cause together! 

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