Summer Pin Pass is here! Let’s roll!

Pay One Fee and Kids Bowl Free! Announcing Twisted Pin’s Summer Pin Pass

The school season in Illinois is slowly coming to an end. Before you run for the hills trying to squeeze as much screen-free activity into your kid’s daily summer schedule as possible, you may want to consider a fun and exciting new alternative.

Twisted Pin is proud to announce our Summer Pin Pass. Similar to the annual “kids bowl free” programs you may have heard about in other parts of the nation, we’re bringing the lane action to your households this year with a brilliant new promotion: pay one simple fee, and your kids play for free.

With so much going on in the world and endless YouTube and screen distractions happening all the time, we provide a welcome break for family fun. It’s time for your crew to pop in for a decent slice of pizza and some competitive bowling action, all inside our modern facility with games for the younger crowd and a 28-tap self-serve beer wall for the adults.

Why Choose Our Summer Pin Pass Over Other Programs?

We get it – finding a program that works for your unique family’s schedule is next to impossible. Maybe one child wants to do a theater camp and the other a rotating sports series at the C.W. Avery Family YMCA. Then there are all the social obligations you and your partner must manage from work, family, and friends. Carving out a few hours to finally catch a break to yourself always seems challenging.

At Twisted Pin, we take the complexity out of scheduling fun and engaging activities for the whole family all summer. With our Summer Pin Pass, you can swing by for an early morning session, a quick afternoon bowl on a rainy day, or an evening of fun after a busy work schedule.

We feature a complete facility the entire family will enjoy. Your kids get a brand-new memory they’ll share for years, and you have a night off from cooking or trying to distract their curious minds. We have everything you need, from lane bumpers to a delicious full bar menu, so when it’s finally time to head home, you’ll all be ready for a quiet night of rest.

How Our Summer Pin Pass Works

To ensure all the wonderful families around Plainfield, Naperville, Romeoville, Shorewood, Joliet, and Bolingbrook get a summer bowling program designed to fit various schedules, we’ve split our Summer Pin Program into two easy-to-use categories.

The first is a Monday-Thursday Summer Pin Pass, ideal for families looking to fill out those hectic weekdays long before the typical “Mom, I’m bored” gets announced in the house. For only $99.95, you get 1 hour of unlimited bowling on a traditional lane designed to accommodate up to 5 eager players. This pass runs from May 1 through August 31 between 2 pm and 10 pm.

We also have the most flexible summer bowling program for kids option with our Everyday Summer Pin Pass at only $139.95. For families that cannot get enough of our incredible facility, you get 1.5 hours of unlimited bowling any day of the week! Again, this Summer Pin Pass accommodates up to 5 players on a traditional lane.

Are you worried about how quickly your kids are growing? We’ve got you covered! For only $25, you can add an optional shoe pass to either program. That way, when your little one decides this year is the perfect time for a growth spurt, you’ll be all set.

Our kids summer bowling programs are designed for walk-ins only and do not include our immersive VIP suite for private gatherings and birthday parties.

Why Choose Twisted Pin for Your Kids Summer Activities?

Twisted Pin is conveniently located in Plainfield, IL, with a modern bowling facility capable of hosting everything from an afternoon’s distraction for your family to special events and large parties.

We are a full-service bowling experience with a massive self-serve beer tap wall, mouthwatering menu options, diverse arcade games with prizes, and plenty of special events, from hosting a local fundraiser in Naperville to ensuring your family reunion is filled with lane competition instead of drama.

While our Summer Pin Pass is designed for your kids, we aim to involve the whole family. Imagine the memories you can share as your children watch with delighted giggles as you smash a total strike for the first time.

This is good, timeless family fun with a modern twist. We have all the amenities you could want—and a welcome distraction your kids need this summertime.

Beat the heat and sudden Illinois rain showers by signing up for our Summer Pin Program today. Space is limited, and we’re reaching out to local schools in all our service areas, including Plainfield, Naperville, Romeoville, Shorewood, Joliet, and Bolingbrook.

Be the first on your block to enjoy the climate-controlled and visually immersive world of family bowling, and pick up your Summer Pin Pass today! For just one simple fee, your kids bowl free – all summer long at Twisted Pin in Plainfield, IL.

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