The Top Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a sport that has one of the richest histories and dates back about 4,000 years to Rome and Greece. If you love to bowl, you aren’t alone. In fact, over 25% of all Americans go bowling annually, which makes it the biggest participating sport. 

Today, bowling is a $4 billion industry, and there are more than 3,000 bowling centers in the U.S. alone. Along with being competitive and fun, bowling also provides multiple health benefits. Keep reading to find out why you should take your bowling shoes out of storage and enjoy knocking down some pins

Muscle Strengthening and Toning

Bowling helps increase muscle mass. As you bowl, you work the muscles in your lower body. This is because you are walking quite a bit, with the weight of your ball in tow. You also swing your arm when you throw the bowling ball, and the flexing and stretching that occurs provides enough of a workout to help strengthen the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout your arm. 

Weight Loss

Regular bowling sessions can help you drop a few extra pounds. This is thanks to its ability to speed up your metabolism. While the game is played in a small area, the constant movement you engage in while playing helps you burn off any extra fat. 

You work your legs out while walking back and forth and work the rest of your body when you lift and swing the ball to send it down the lane. While the exact number of calories you burn depends on your weight and how much effort you put into your game, you may burn upwards of 300 calories while playing. 

Work on Your Socialization Skills

Bowling is something you can do with friends, family members, and people you meet at the bowling center. It’s a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships. Because of this, bowling allows you to be more social, which is a huge part of a person’s health and well-being. You can use your love of bowling to find companionship by way of bowling teams and leagues. This may help ease your loneliness and give you something to look forward to every week. It’s been proven by multiple studies that developing a social relationship around a shared interest can help extend your longevity. 

Reduce the Risk of Disease

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it may result in several health issues. In fact, this is something that increases your risk of heart disease significantly. When you exercise, which includes going bowling, it will reduce your risk of diabetes, heart attacks, a stroke, increase bone density, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, help your body better use oxygen, and improve your overall circulation. Try to bowl at least once per week to see the most benefits possible. 

Are You Ready to Bowl?

When it comes to bowling, there are more than a few potential health benefits. Keep the information here in mind and grab your bowling shoes for a fun round that will improve your health.

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