Twisted Pin

Romeoville, IL

Welcome to a whole new world of bowling near Romeoville! Life at the Twisted Pin in Plainfield is nothing short of striking. This is no ordinary, bleak alley; it presents a delightful blend of fun-filled activities and exhilarating experiences. With its stunning new facility decked out with state-of-the-art bowling features, each roll down its lanes feels like a royal rendezvous. And get this – they even have an exclusive 6-lane VIP suite for those seeking an upscale spin on their favorite pastime!


But here’s the real game changer – their unique self-serve beer wall boasting 28 varieties on tap just waiting to be tasted! Craft cocktail enthusiasts are not left out either – delicately balanced concoctions await your curious palate, adding an exquisite taste dimension to your Twisted Pin adventure. Moreover, this hotspot accommodates group outings too! So whether you’re planning a friendly competition or simply looking to let loose after work – this could just become your go-to destination spot for unforgettable social gatherings! Remember then, if your idea of joy involves bowling near Romeoville, Twisted Pin should top your list.

6 lane VIP suite – Twisted Pin

Experience on a whole new level when bowling near Romeoville with the Twisted Pin’s newly launched 6 lane VIP suite. This innovative and luxurious facility, offering unmatched privacy and a sophisticated ambiance, is the ultimate destination for throwing unforgettable company events, celebrating special occasions like birthdays or just enjoying an extraordinary outing with your group. The intriguing blend of excitement that comes from knocking down pins in style makes Twisted Pin a league of its own in Romeoville.

This isn’t ordinary bowling; it’s an experience designed to spoil all levels of bowlers. A trip to Twisted Pin ensures not only enjoyment but also top-level convenience and most importantly, ‘style’. Whether you’re impressing clients, celebrating milestones or taking your friends’ night out to a new level – be prepared for your bowling event at Twisted Pin to be anything but typical! Roll into this deluxe arena and transform your everyday bowling game into something far from ordinary.

Put Your Skills To The Test In Our Game Room

Experience the pulse-pounding excitement right here at Twisted Pin, a premier arcade near Romeoville. Packed with latest games including the ambiance of blinking lights and electronic sounds that make you feel immersed in another world. But it’s not all just about nostalgia; this state-of-the-art venue blends the old-school joy of joystick classics with innovative technology like mind-blowing virtual reality simulations.

It doesn’t end there – challenge your friends for a high-score showdown or best them in an exciting bowling match, amplifying the fun factor exponentially. At Twisted Pin, it’s not just about gaming, it’s about creating memorable moments that will leave you yearning to come back for more. Trade in your winning tickets for impressive prizes as a sweet reminder of your victorious day! Whether you’re 8 or 80, prepare yourself for endless fun and friendly competition next time you’re in Romeoville.

Enjoy Our Food and Drink Options

Just when you thought the bar scene near Romeoville could not possibly get any better, in rolls Twisted Pin. A location that truly embodies the phrase more than a bar, offering a unique blend of refreshing drinks and vibrant entertainment. Imagine relaxing with your buddies while sipping on expertly crafted cocktails or exploring their impressive 28-tap self-serve beer wall which also includes wine options for those who fancy something slightly different – surely making it one of the best bars ever.

And here’s where things take an exciting turn. The atmosphere at Twisted Pin is amplified by its fun incorporation of bowling, adding a thrilling twist to your regular night out routine. Never has there been such an exceptional combination – an assortment of delightful beverages paired with heart-pumping action and fun-filled competition – all under one roof! This is more than simply another bar near Romeoville, Twisted Pin brings to you an experience that goes beyond just drinking; it’s about building memories embellished with strikes, spares, and cheers!

Host Your Next Party At Twisted Pin

If you’re searching for the ultimate spot for your next party near Romeoville, look no further than Twisted Pin. With its 6 lane VIP suite tailored for an exclusive company event, birthday bash or team building adventure, it promises a bowling experience unprecedented in its joy and uniqueness. Imagine the thrill of striking pins beneath the glow of ambient lighting while basking in refreshing cocktails and gourmet appetizers – conjuring memories that resonate long after those last pins have crashed to the floor.

Integrating leisure with luxury at Twisted Pin means every moment is tailored to offer you an exceptional experience. The private entrances offer an exclusivity not found elsewhere, ensuring that your event remains strictly for those on your esteemed guest list; while our expert staff remains ready round-the-clock to provide premier services making your night unforgettable. Plan your perfect party us and delight yourself in charm only matched by Romeoville itself – right here at Twisted Pin! Here’s where bowling takes on an entirely different spin!



15610 S. Joliet RD. Plainfield, IL 60544

Twisted Pin

15610 S. Joliet RD. Plainfield, IL 60544



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