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Shorewood, IL

Welcome to Twisted Pin!

Looking for some bowling near Shorewood? Head over to Twisted Pin in Plainfield, a fabulous entertainment hub that offers an exceptional blend of fun and excitement. It’s not your regular spot; it dares to elevate the traditional concept of bowling. This place invigorates its visitors with more than just bowling – revel in a thrilling arcade experience or sit back and watch your favorite game at their on-site bar.

The center shines bright among enthusiasts not only for its contemporary style lanes but also for the carefully crafted cocktails and self-serve beer tap featuring 28 varieties. For those who enjoy trying new things, the chance to explore different brews adds a delightful element to your visit at Twisted Pin. Whether you are looking for a spirited game night or simply craving some signature cocktails after work, this might be the perfect locale in Plainfield, promising quality time spiced up with strikes and spares! With such endless fun on offer, you’ll want to keep going back again and again.

You can do it all at Twisted Pin!

*6 Lane VIP Suite*

For individuals and groups in the Shorewood area looking for a unique party or event destination, Twisted Pin in Plainfield offers an unmatched experience. Picture this: A 6-lane VIP bowling suite where your party can enjoy exclusive use of the lanes, nestled close to home for our bowling aficionados near Shorewood.

At Twisted Pin, there’s more than just spectacular bowling experiences; it’s about creating unforgettable memories amidst fun and laughter. Your one-stop-shop to amplify your celebration – be it an intimate gathering or a larger group event–the venue allows you only moments to hit a strike with your loved ones, while keenly avoiding any gutter balls! With its exceptional services ensuring every need is well catered to, let us twist up your next VIP event in style.


Don’t just settle for the predictable Shorewood weekend plan. Take a quick jaunt over to Twisted Pin in Plainfield for an arcade experience that’s as vibrant as it is electrifying! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill arcade near Shorewood – it’s a haven where you can breathe new life into classic games while also delving into modern, high-tech VR experiences.


Twisted Pin offers more than just captivating games; it’s a treasure trove where strategic gameplay earns you fantastic prizes. But the fun doesn’t end there! Imagine winding down your gaming spree with an exhilarating bowling session. Bowling at Twisted Pin brings out the spirit of friendly competition among friends and families in the most delightful way. Remember, between spins and strikes, no one leaves this promising venue without having experienced unabashed fun and joy!

Craft Cocktails meet an inspired menu

It’s time to rethink what a bar night out near Shorewood means, thanks to Twisted Pin. This isn’t your ordinary bowling alley – it’s an exhilarating fusion of gastronomic adventure and interactive entertainment, with our 28-tap self-serve beer wall and sensational craft cocktails upping the ante on typical bowling libations. The excitement doesn’t stop at beverages, as our creative culinary team whips up mouthwatering dishes to indulge in between frames.


Twisted Pin is far from your traditional bar; it’s where quirky bowling meets vibrant nightlife in harmony. We’re serving joy one pin, one sip, and one bite at a time! So when you’re looking for that perfect balance of fun-filled gamesmanship and relaxed conversation over fine drinks and food, remember – we’ve got your game at Twisted Pin!

Host Events, Fundraisers, Parties, Groups, & More

Planning a group event near Shorewood? Consider Twisted Pin, an inventive spin on the classic bowling experience that guarantees laughter and camaraderie. This venue is truly more than just strikes and spares – it’s an avenue for human connection where companies can foster team spirit, friends can add sparkle to birthdays, and groups can find a unique blend of fun and competition.

Hidden within Twisted Pin’s modern facility is not only topnotch bowling equipment but also a treasure trove of delightful memories waiting to be made. Every roll down our gleaming lanes becomes a shared moment, making each game not merely about scores but the strengthening of bonds. So why settle for mundane venues when you could have your group event become iconic at Twisted Pin? Try something different – embrace the utter joy of bowling at its finest with us!




15610 S. Joliet RD. Plainfield, IL 60544

Twisted Pin

15610 S. Joliet RD. Plainfield, IL 60544



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