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Twisted Pin has helped many local organizations raise money for their cause.Groups such as school teams, churches, charities, community causes are just a few.

Bowling is a great fundraiser as most people can have FUN while raising money for a great cause.

Bowling is a fun group activity that can be enjoyed by all ages & skill levels! As part of your fundraiser your guests can bowl, eat some delicious pizza, participate in contests, visit our arcade, grab a drink at our bar, or maybe even enter a raffle- making their experience more interactive, & most importantly, more fun!

Groups choose us because we can hold A LOT of people in one location and provide delicious food and beverage for your event, making us a one stop shop for all your fundraising needs!

Food, Fun & Funds!

Rain? No Problem!

Can be customized to
your group needs

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How do I make

Pre-selling tickets to your event is key! Most groups take our pricing and add $1 – $5 to the entry fee to go directly toward the cause!

Then you’re already ahead!

Most groups also choose to include 50/50 tickets, raffle baskets & auctions spread out across our facility.

This boosts funds as well as provides another form of entertainment for all your guests! If you have someone in your organization that has an entertaining personality you can have them MC the event or we can take care of that for you!

The best part is that because bowling is an indoor activity, your event can be enjoyed no matter the weather- so you don’t have to worry about planning an event & it getting rained out!


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