Twisted Pin

Oswego, IL

Bowling near Oswego just got taken to another level of excitement with the entrance of the Twisted Pin in Plainfield!

It’s not just about bowling anymore; it’s about immersing yourself in an exhilarating experience that combines modern gaming, top-notch dining and a vast selection of beers at their 28 tap self-serve beer wall.

Add to this their expertly crafted cocktails served at a stylish bar setting, and you’ve got yourself more than just another night out. For those in Oswego looking for fun-filled group events or simply wanting to add some twist to their routine evenings – Twisted Pin stands as the undisputed choice!

Twisted Pin and their VIP suite

Experience a whole new level of bowling near Oswego with Twisted Pin’s newly launched 6-lane VIP suite. Transforming an ordinary night out into something truly extraordinary, the luxury-focused design is sure to take your corporate event or birthday celebration to another level.

What makes Twisted Pin unique isn’t just about top-tier bowling facilities but lies in the careful attention to detail and commitment to providing memorable experiences. Think mood lighting, plush seating, ample lane space, and stellar customer service packaged together for your group outing. So roll up those sleeves and prepare for an unbeatable bowling experience at one of Oswego’s unrivaled gems!

Great bowling meets an inspired menu, craft cocktails, 28 tap beer wall and more.

Looking for the perfect place to go bowling in Oswego, IL?

Enhance your experience of bowling near Oswego like never before at the Twisted Pin! This isn’t merely a place to bowl; it’s an adventure offering so much more. Imagine sipping expertly crafted cocktails while celebrating strikes and spares with friends or family. Not to mention, Twisted Pin takes your typical bowling grub up several notches with their inspired dining menu that promises to be as memorable as the gameplay.

Add in their state-of-the-art self serve beer wall boasting 28 rotating taps into that equation, and you’ve got yourself much more than just a group outing—it’s an immersive entertainment destination. There really isn’t any other venue in Oswego region blending fun, fine drink, and food quite like Twisted Pin does! Need I say more? Get those shoes laced up and come discover why choosing where to bowl near Oswego just got significantly easier.

Enjoy Yourself in Our Arcade

From the adrenaline of wild, whirling virtual reality rides to lanes echoing with the exhilarating thud of a ten-pin strike, Twisted Pin transforms ordinary days into unforgettable experiences. Situated conveniently close to Oswego and often hailed as the epitome of arcades and bowling arenas combined. Whether you’re an avid gamer or recreational bowler seeking some engaging bowling near Oswego, look no further than this gamut of glimmering game machines and polished lanes.


Adding spice to your gaming experience, the merchandise at Twisted Pin is nothing less than enchanting. How about swapping your hard-earned redemption points for items that will bring a sliver of arcade excitement back home? You haven’t been on a ride until you’ve experienced our King Kong Virtual Reality Ride – it’s guaranteed to leave even the most hardened thrill-seekers’ pulse quickening. Can’t wait to see you at Twisted Pin – where fun times roll!

A Top-Notch Event Venue

When it comes to finding an event venue near Oswego, Twisted Pin takes the cake with more than just your average bowling alley- it’s a full-blown entertainment destination! Imagine your private party or social gathering at this remarkable landmark seeing everyone’s face alight with joy, in between strikes and spares. The thrilling sound of pins crashing mingling with the electronic buzz of the arcade, providing a multifaceted entertainment environment that welcomes fun-seekers of all ages.

The most unique feature which adds an extra sparkle is the extraordinary 28 tap self serve beer wall- surely something for lauded craft aficionados. What’s better than bonding over games while sampling from a dizzying array of flavorsome beers? Whether you’re partial to stout or IPA, porters or lagers- Twisted Pin leaves no stones unturned in their mission to please every palate. Finding such energetic and atmospheric quality at an event venue near Oswego has been never so simple as walking into Twisted Pin!


15610 S. Joliet RD. Plainfield, IL 60544

Twisted Pin

15610 S. Joliet RD. Plainfield, IL 60544



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