VIP Bowling Suite: The perfect place to host your next group outing.

Enhance Your Next Company Party with a Luxurious VIP Suite at Twisted Pin Bowling


The next time the boss tasks you with setting up a fun company party to celebrate reaching a goal or your organization needs a reliable team-building event to bring the group together, why not consider the luxurious VIP suites at Twisted Pin?

Located in the heart of Chicago’s suburbs, we offer a unique event space designed to enhance and transform any mundane event into one your guests will never forget. Our VIP suite is more than simple bowling. With modern amenities, customizable options, and specialized packages designed for your unique event, this is a fully immersive experience everyone can enjoy!

What is a Bowling VIP Suite?

VIP bowling is precisely what it sounds like. Instead of trying to host your upcoming event with other bowlers around you, this semi-private space elevates and sections off your party. At Twisted Pin, our VIP suite is carefully curated to host anything from a 10-person bridal shower to an 80-guest local community networking event.

While we appreciate all the fantastic bowlers that frequent Twisted Pin, we wanted to be sure to have a more private area of our modern facility for different types of parties. We took this idea up a notch by infusing our VIP suites with many features and amenities that add comfort and style and provide a good helping of fun to your corporate party or private celebration.

Tailored for Team Building and Staff Appreciation

One of our VIP bowling suite’s primary functions is team building and staff appreciation. Many of the companies around Plainfield, Romeoville, Naperville, Shorewood, Joliet, Bolingbrook, and in the city come to our facility because it offers a break from the humdrum routine of boardrooms.

We also love to welcome remote and hybrid work teams that have never had the opportunity to meet face-to-face. It is a joy to watch these teams share moments around good food, great drinks, and a time-honored American game that helps cement the digital bonds created at work.

This VIP suite is designed to cultivate a dynamic environment that encourages more significant team interaction and fun. It is a perfect setting for a company party that aims to boost morale or reward hard working team members for a successful month, quarter, or year.

An Activity for Everyone in the Group

Most importantly, our beautiful bowling and entertainment center has you completely covered when it comes to activities. While you can enjoy all the bowling you would like at the 6 lanes in your VIP suite, we also have a full-scale arcade, pinball machines, darts, and a 28-tap beer wall if you have some team members who just want to kick back and relax a little.

This versatility encourages an adaptable and exclusive semi-private space where you can strike up a conversation over strikes and spares. With a giant LED video wall and available audio/video connections, using our VIP suite is perfect for a wide range of events like:

  • Group Outings
  • Company Parties
  • Team Building & Appreciation
  • Business Events
  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Baby/Bridal Showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Sport Team Celebrations
  • Networking & Product Launches
  • Holiday Parties
  • Retirement & Graduation Events
  • Fundraising
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Fantasy Football
  • Oscar & Viewing Parties
  • And more!

Unmatched VIP Suite Experience

Of course, simply talking about our VIP suite probably isn’t enough to convince you to book online right now. Let’s sweeten the deal with several fantastic amenities designed to cater to your unique company and private event.

  • Audio/Video Connections: Easily display your business slide presentation or family reel during a reunion using our HDMI and other AV connections to our giant LED video wall and modern sound system.
  • Direct Connection to Bar: Our 6-lane VIP suite comes with a close connection to our 28-tap self-service beer wall.
  • Tailored Packages: We are happy to cater your upcoming company party and offer specialized drink packages.
  • Delicious Drinks: Twisted Pin is proud to have the expertise of America’s top mixologist, Brian Van Flandern, in developing and training our team on our craft cocktails.
  • Customized/Personal Preferences: We work with events ranging from Fortune 500 corporate parties to local baby showers. Our team is happy to customize your VIP experience.
  • Semi-Private Space: This is a dedicated area with your own bowling lanes, so your party has a clear section away from the rest of our guests.
  • Non-Bowler Entertainment: Between the pinball games, darts, bar, arcade, and more, we have all your guests covered for entertainment and fun.
  • Luxury Seating: Our VIP suite includes comfortable and relaxing couch seating to elevate the overall ambiance of your upcoming company party.

As you can see, we work hard, so you don’t have to! When it’s time to let your hair down, loosen up the tie, and celebrate with your coworkers, family, or peers, Twisted Pin’s VIP bowling suite is your answer.

Serving Chicago’s Suburbs

We are proud to serve the greater Chicago suburbs. These are hardworking and dedicated people who need a break from daily life, and we are here to deliver. Twisted Pin is a thriving member of the local business community, serving areas like Plainfield, Romeoville, Naperville, Shorewood, Joliet, and Bolingbrook.

There is nothing quite like witnessing a local school fundraiser take hold or a networking opportunity during a company holiday party at our VIP suite. Seeing the happy and relaxed faces of our VIP guests as they drink, dine, and play is one of the most significant reasons we developed our modern facility in the first place.

Bowling is an excellent foundation for any type of event. It is one of the oldest sports that welcomes players of all skill levels and ages. Bowling is a unifying experience perfect for developing stronger relationships among your employees or celebrating a crucial step along your life’s journey.

Best of all, we streamline the process. You can learn more about our Twisted Pin VIP Suite and begin to visualize how your upcoming company party will unfold. We strongly encourage you to Book Your Event as soon as you know the official date. Our VIP suite fills up pretty quickly and spots are limited.

Explore Our VIP Suite Today

Choosing to host your next big event at Twisted Pin unlocks a wealth of fun and engaging amenities for all your lucky guests. It helps you develop an enriching environment perfect for that family reunion you’ve been planning for years or the annual corporate holiday party that could use an infusion of luxury.

Whether you’re launching a new product and want to show some much-needed staff appreciation or simply wish to upscale your upcoming birthday party, Twisted Pin is the way to go. We help make your corporate gatherings more than another obligation for your staff by offering mouthwatering food, expertly crafted drinks, and a wealth of entertainment they’ll remember for years to come.

Book your upcoming company party or private event with our team at Twisted Pin today. With 6 lanes of private bowling, a giant LED video wall, and plenty of comfort, we are your answer to a rewarding VIP bowling experience around Chicago’s many suburbs.

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