Craft Beer Paradise, Inspired Menu in Plainfield

Craft Beer and Delicious Food: Choosing Twisted Pin as Your Next Bar and Dining Experience

Plainfield is home to plenty of unique bars and restaurants that bring in crowds from all over the area. Sometimes, you may get bored with the same beers on tap or having to wait for endless lines to get decent service.

An exceptional alternative is swinging by our 28-tap self-serve beer wall at Twisted Pin. While many of our customers come here for the immersive bowling and diverse arcade, we frequently see clients engage in a quick date night or friends grabbing a brew before heading to the movies.

We love catering to our dining customers. Our owners didn’t just want to provide a solid afternoon of family fun. The goal is to make Twisted Pin a welcome location for those who love the unique taste of carefully cultivated craft beer from local suppliers.

Why Choose Craft Beer at Twisted Pin?

Before we get into the easy-to-use, self-serve benefits of our beer wall, let’s talk about craft beer. Chicago and the surrounding areas like Plainfield are ideally located to get shipments of delicious craft beer from all kinds of artisan alcohol creators.

For example, we have a Juicy Bits IPA from WeldWerks Brewing Co. in Greeley, CO, or an Ekto Kooler Hard Seltzer from Eagle Park Brewing Company in Milwaukee. If you’re in the mood for something more local, try the Leprechaun on the Lash Red Ale from Shorewood or the Excuse Me Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Skateboarding pale ale from Werk Force Brewing Company right here in Plainfield.

The point is, when you select a mouthwatering craft brew, you get all the benefits like:

  • A richer and more distinct taste than mass-produced brands’ watery flavors.
  • Greater variety based on local ingredients and cultural taste profiles.
  • A boost of antioxidants, protein, and Vitamin B from carefully sourced hops.
  • It’s a fantastic conversation starter for those looking to try something new.
  • Different beers for every season.

Best of all, you’re supporting our local economy. The unique craftworkers, distributors, and suppliers around craft beer thrive on enthusiasts just like you. When you drink a craft beer at Twisted Pin, you’re pouring funds back into the local economy we all rely upon.

How Our 28 Tap Self-Serve Beer Wall Works

The self-serve aspect makes our incredible craft beer stand out from the other bars and restaurants around Plainfield. After you’ve traded a debit/credit card for a branded Twisted Pin bar card, you can sample any of the amazing craft beers we have on tap.

The self-serve concept is a fantastic way to broaden your taste bud horizons. It empowers you to sample an ounce of the Blood Crypto IPA from Soundgrowler Brewing Co. in Tinley Park, or Bella Birra Pilsner from 2nd Shift Brewing in Saint Louis, or anything else you desire.

Once you’ve landed on the craft beer you like, simply select a glass from our tap area and pour your drink. The electronic reader on your Twisted Pin card keeps track while you kick back a cold, delicious beer with friends and family.

In addition, you can bring the joy of diversity to your table, lane, or VIP suite by ordering a flight of craft beer. That’ll make the bar food taste so much sweeter as you sample different craft beer flavors over a warm meal.

Choosing Twisted Pin for Your Evening Out

Dining at Twisted Pin has never been easier. Instead of waiting in line for a table or sweating over a hot stove after a long work day, use our in-person or online order form to get the tempting bar food you love.

With our massive list of craft beer, wines, and craft cocktails, we want to compliment your food experience through an excellent restaurant menu of meals, sides, and treats. You can enjoy starters like Flaming Hot Fries, handheld meals when you’re in the mood for a burger or taco, plenty of flatbreads for larger groups, and even the perfect dessert menu to satisfy the sugar fiend in your party.

All of these dining benefits come wrapped in the comfortable and modern atmosphere of our Twisted Pin bowling facility. Even if you are only in the mood for a quick bite and beer without bowling, you can still enjoy a symphony for the senses with the smell of incredible food, sounds of happy customers, and a massive video wall playing entertainment.

From a last-minute meal when the kiddos need a change to a fun-filled date night, we at Twisted Pin have you covered.

Time for Craft Beer, Food, and Fun!

Finding the perfect craft beer for your unique palate is never easy. That is why we’ve streamlined the process with our 28-tap self-serve beer wall. Stop waiting for the bartender to finally notice you at the far end of the restaurant and choose Twisted Pin instead.

We are proud to enhance the entertainment and dining experience around Plainfield and the surrounding towns of Naperville, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Shorewood, and Romeoville. With a full-service bar menu you can conveniently order online or the long list of cocktails, wines, and craft beer, we have everything you need to satisfy even the most demanding appetite.

Visit our facility in Plainfield today and elevate your epicurious experience with the craft beer and dining variety you need to make tonight one to remember. Even better, when you want to add a little flavor and refreshment to your next corporate event, be sure to book our VIP suite to make tipping back that pint of craft beer even more rewarding. We look forward to seeing you soon at Twisted Pin!

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